Best chicken wings in Minneapolis, MN

Delicious Chicken Wings in Minneapolis, MN

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Apple Pie Pizza

Granny smith apples, sugar, cinnamon & butter, glazed with caramel icing

Canadian Bacon & Pineapple Pizza

If you need a description for this one, you should probably just stick with pepperoni

Chicken Caesar Pizza

Chicken on a creamy caesar base, topped with romaine and parmesan

Chicken Wings

6 pieces

Cheese Pizza 12"

Tomato Basil Pizza

Fresh roma tomatoes & fresh basil

Supreme Pizza

Pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, onion, green pepper

Delicious Chicken Wings: A Must-Try!

Delicious Chicken Wings: A Must-Try!
Indulge in our crispy chicken wings Savor our flavorful buffalo wings Try our tangy BBQ wings Enjoy our spicy garlic parmesan wings Dip into our zesty lemon pepper wings Relish our classic hot wings Sample our mouthwatering teriyaki wings Delight in our savory honey mustard wings

Convenient Pickup and Delivery for Pizza and Italian Cuisine

Convenient Pickup and Delivery for Pizza and Italian Cuisine
Satisfy cravings with our pizza and Italian cuisine. Enjoy convenient pickup and delivery options. Indulge in classic margherita pizza or try our savory chicken parmesan. Order online for a hassle-free experience. Whether it's pizza or pasta, we've got you covered.

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